PHYTOCEANE Aquasaphir Night New Skin Cream
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This formula contains a concentration of the most precious elements of PHYTOCEANE Research.  With a whole array of super-powerful marine ingredients, this multi-sensorial cocooning cream fights against the signs of aging during the night.  Night after night, features become smoother and the face looks refreshed, giving way to younger looking skin, visibly energized and radiant.



AQUASAPHIR: a blue micro-algae extract cultivated in the laboratory. Anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, diminishes the skin’s stress levels which play a role in its aging.

MALACHITE EXTRACT: this precious stone is an antioxidant, acting as a shield against free radicals.

MANNITOL: real booster for aging cells; recharges the skin’s cells with energy; re-oxygenates asphyxiated and tired cells and stimulates the production of support fibers in the dermis.

GLASSWORT OIL: strengthens the synthesis of the intercellular cement and protects against dehydration; densifying and hydra-restructuring effects; softer and smoother skin.


DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply in the evening to clean face and neck.


PHYTOCEANE Aquasaphir Night New Skin Cream

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